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Disclaimer / Terms of Usage

Privacy Policy

A) Data privacy


A.1) We respect your personal data and we try our optimum to protect your data, but JTE or its personnel shall not be liable for any defects or damages arising due to data submitted in this website


A.2) By submitting any data, users give their consent to BrandKeeda and its personnel to contact them or use that information for purpose of marketing process

A.3) BrandKeeda and our team uses best possible measures to keep user data confidential, but shall not have responsibility for unforeseen situations such as attack by virus, hackers etc​

A.4) This website may contain links to other websites and BrandKeeda shall not be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites.

B) Other Usage Policies


B.1) Without expressed or written permission of BrandKeeda, no person or organisation shall neither copy and/or distribute information on this website or any other server, nor modify or reuse or reproduce text or graphics material


B.2) Any content on the website maybe subject to change, with or without notice, which may pertain to periodic updates and corrections. No representation or warranty from BrandKeeda or its personnel are given as regards its accuracy or completeness of the information on this site, as the same has been considered for general representation purposes only and that, it should not be depended upon for any specific reason or purpose.

B.3) BrandKeeda or their affiliates, management, employees or other agents are neither responsible nor liable for any damages or losses due to unforeseen incidents such as from viruses or other similar contamination or attack of your system occurred due to access or inability to access to or use of the site or with respect to the material contained on the site or any site linked to it.

B.4) BrandKeeda holds rights to revise its terms with or without prior notice to users and other stakeholders

B.5) Any dispute regarding company shall/may be valid only if the matter is brought to notice of BrandKeeda's management personnel by writing an official complaint on email format to and is not resolved in 30 working days from date of email

C)Dispute Redressal

C.1) Any dispute under legal manner shall be only valid in jurisdiction decided by registered office of BrandKeeda or its personnel


C.2) Incase of dispute from paid users regarding any defects, maximum liability of BrandKeeda shall be to refund the amount paid by paid user for the specific program/service 

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