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Let's talk how we can co create brands !

what can we do for you

Academic Branding Services

How We Create Academic Brands

Professor & Students

Student Development

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  1. Aptitude Training

  2. Domestic Educational Tours

  3. Educational Conferences

  4. International Educational Tours

  5. Management Development Programs

  6. Psychometric Analysis


Confident Female Teacher

Faculty Development

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  1. Appraisal Systems 

  2. Case Study Teaching Training

  3. Faculty Development Programs

  4. Learning Management Systems

  5. Psychometric Analysis Training

  6. Train The Trainer Program


Team Meeting

Corporate Relations

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  1. Campus To Corporate Program

  2. Competitive Exam Training

  3. Corporate CSR Activities

  4. Employability Skill Development 

  5. Industrial Interaction Programs

  6. Internships & Job Placements


At BrandKeeda, we believe education is one of the biggest assets of an individual and society and we have made it our mission to help in individuals, trusts and organisations with a vision to create a disruption in education industry and to be a catalyst in their journey towards creating some of the finest educational brands in India and global scenario

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